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Feel safe in the knowledge that we ensure all guards have received the relevant industry and state approved accredited security training. Specialised in-house training is conducted and regularly updated covering first aid, conflict resolution, subject control, building and vehicle searches, bomb threats and fire evacuation.

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  • Armed Guards

    Elite Security & Protection ensures all guards have received the relevant industry and state approved accredited security …

  • Cash in Transit

    Elite Security & Protection is licensed and fully insured to carry substantial amounts of cash and valuables …

  • Executive Protection

    Executive Protection Unit is a group of highly trained and motivated professionals, chosen for …

  • Canine

    Elite Security & Protection specialise in providing highly trained K9 units (K9 & Security Officer Handler) …

  • Security

    Elite Security & Protection is your one stop company for patrols, retail and home security…

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management and Asset Protection works in partnership with major …

Comments (2)

  • Matthew Wallace

    Hi, I’m emailing today to find out how I could possibly apply for any position that my licence qualifies me in.

    I have my cert 2 in security and operations with
    1A and 1C subclasses on my licence,

    I’m planning on getting my cert 3 in security and operation later down the track if that would benift me more then please let me know

    Kind regard Matt Wallace

    • admin

      Good Afternoon Matt

      Thanks so much for your email.

      At the present time I do not have a position to offer you. But certainly do your Cert 3 – the more qualifications you have the better.

      Please do not hesitate to contact Elite Security & Protection a little later in the year to see if any positions have become available.

      Rod Wark
      Executive Director

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